Artist(s): Styles P
Release Date: May 4, 2018
Label: The Phantom Entertainment / D-Block Records

Track No. Title Video
1. Bubble Up feat. Dyce Payne (Produced by Boger) -
2. Welfare feat. Whispers (Produced by Jimmy Dukes) -
3. Coolest O.G. feat. Dyce Payne (Produced by Phonix Beats) -
4. Ghost Wars (Produced by Rondon and Poobs) -
5. (Skit) Ronald Grump feat. Jacob Berger, Khardier Da God and Cris Streetz (Produced by Poobs) -
6. Wait Your Turn B (Produced by Black Swan) -
7. Heat of the Night feat. Kody (Produced by Poobs) Watch
8. (Skit) Ill feat. Kay Rosewood (Produced by Poobs) -
9. Morning Mourning feat. Oswin Benjamin (Produced by Divine Bars) Watch
10. Different Shit (Produced by Dayzel The Machine) -
11. For This Occasion (Produced by Grade A) -
12. Window to the Soul (Produced by Vinny Idol) -
13. (Skit) Going Live feat. Nino Man and Dyce Payne (Produced by Poobs) -
14. Curb the Lames feat. Boog Jones (Produced by Prophe.T.) -
15. (Skit) Live Still Lit feat. Nino Man and Dyce Payne (Produced by Poobs) -
16. Going Thru Hell (Produced by Scram Jones) -
17. I Got Issues -
18. Sky High -