2 months ago

Styles P

Philly! Check me out at Voltage Lounge with Heineken Link below to RSVP
#HeinekenGreenRoom #LittleGiantCreative
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Philly! Check me out at Voltage Lounge with Heineken Link below to RSVP
#HeinekenGreenRoom #LittleGiantCreative


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It will be cool to have the #TheCoolestOG in Nigeria!

When you coming to south florida?

Damn... when is the Ghost 👻 In The Shell 🐚 Wit A Story To Tell Coming To Nigeria 🇳🇬?

Salute to the General

Shout out to The Ghost from Nigeria!

We Keeps shit hard like fat ass and cases of Heineken.....

I'll be in the building that night! SP The Ghost

Holiday the goat

Need juice bar out here cuzzin FLA

When you coming to Miami?

ill b there #Factz\

Pinero in da fcukin' building!


Hugs 2 th 👻

Team Heineken

I get high!!

What Up OG



Shonda Taylor

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4 months ago

Styles P

Other night at Dussepalozza ... See MoreSee Less


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Name song

One of the few I would see at a concert. Show up with a pound

Javonn Musgrove that dussue palooza look 🔥🔥🔥

Yea man style p d lox God bless u wit Jadakiss and sheeklouch and d.block wuda

We need you in Scandinavia! G host you welcome


I’m a huge fan. But he doesn’t sound good

Keep up the good work Mr Style

Hardest ever!! Why did you cancel down in miami 5th of may?

We got the shit that the government got, talking money then you huggin the spot,. Yea, uh huh

Love the new album G Host.. Hardest Out Right Now.. Dblock!

Yeeeeee boooi! Killing that shit as usual! BoM BoM!

The Hardest MC!

You raised us P!

Wait Your Turn B

Mocha b jones where we was at lol

Always bring da hit

Im feeling it

LOX All Day and Everyday

Da ghost D BLOCC!!!!!

D BLOCC!!!!!


Come to buffalo already



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4 months ago

Styles P

“Heat of the night “ video out now. Off of the hardest album of the year”G-Host”
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Hip hop gods, all I want is a LOX album produced by Dj Premier and Jada/Styles album produced by the Alchemist. PLEASE. MAKE. THIS. HAPPEN. Styles, 'Kiss and Sheek have rhymes for days but they need to holler at better beat makers. Such inconsistency over the last 15 years in their beat selection. But if you take the best songs off all of their work in that span, you'd have a perfect triple CD. Heh heh.

SP always got that 🔥

Ghost is there no hardcopy/ cd of the Album to buy ?

James Lombardi going to have to get this album

Thank u for still makin good music. Only shit I can listen still till this day another classic album. U,Kiss and Louch still the greatest #L.O.X #Goats

Best album ive heard this year.

Bars is hot I'm not too crazy about the hook.

Play this album everyday when you comin to the uk ?

A seen your image be home soon don't want to rap 23 nasa

So deep that if water tried to listen then the rivers would sink

U gota listen to Styles P U just can't look for bar's he not the Bar MC. He be speaking that real.

this is likely the hardest track of the year

When is Bucky dropping his Album?

He should be where j cole is today. But who am i... Just not a follower

When I come through u going say original jr writer u going catch up intel

Thank God for the last ones left.... real mc Dope album

Ilike the track right before this one. I been on that all day yo.

Allways liked styles p and d block ✌👊👍😊

Styles P is currently my fav MC..His bars are crazy

The ghost we need you back in NC Lakeboys

"DOOOOOOFAAAAAAAAAH' Negus ain't get it. Lmmfao.

Salute to the General SP the Ghost.

Album is off the chains

Good to hear some new Kobe Honeycutt! He is the man!


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4 months ago

Styles P

Shoutout to Marvel for the love. MAde my own MArvel superhero....Check it out!

Marvel Entertainment on Twitter
“Taking after Professor X, @therealstylesp treats the microphone like Cerebro on his new album, “G-Host.” Watch as he teams up with @AgentM to create his super alter ego and take on Thanos in #LEGOMarvel2 on a new #MarvelLetsPlay! @LEGOMarvelGame
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Album sounds like New York..yet globally sound. You did this one Bro! classic Holiday..Styles P...Pinero..Ghost! ✌🏾

Shout out to yourself for being the dopest mc alive

The one said Picker and lining have a nose

You already a superhero through your rhymes

U was already the G-host to alot of us.

Styles !! Sp the Ghost .

G Host!!

He’s so fckn qt...downtime💋

SP the Ghot the GOAT MC

Let's ghost a minute 😃


Doug Reid Joseph Chiles Justin Bain

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